Don’t Compare! New place, new everything


It is normal to experience a ‘reverse’ cultural shock, where you miss the old culture, the old habits, the old food… The sense of nostalgia of being in what became your comfort zone, where you have friends, a routine and a daily life. Some people will take a while to readjust even to their own country, which is normal, others to get over a country they fall in love with. But the best way to prevent being sad and feeling lost after moving to a new country (or your home country) is by not making comparisons and moving on.

IMG_4124After living in six countries, don’t compare is the biggest lesson I’ve learned. You can’t compare one place to the other. Each city, each country has its own beauty. You will love some aspects of it, and hate others, and that’s the exciting part of living abroad. Being stuck in how things were in another country, and remembering with nostalgia about all the good things you ‘don’t have anymore’ will make adjusting to your new place painful, sad, and might prevent you from actually assimilating.

Adjusting to a new country is always a challenge, but if you are stuck in the past, the challenge increases a hundred times. You might just be unhappy because you want to be somewhere else, but this will blind you to the new things, the beauties of a culture, the amazing things a new place has to offer. It makes it harder to meet people, make friends, and take advantage of every experience…

Unfortunately, when you fall in love with a country but have to move on, nothing will be the same if you go back. Remember this so you know that going back is not the answer… and also why it is important to enjoy every single detail of living abroad. So when you leave a place, you have to keep the good memories and remember the good things. However, you need to arrive in the new place with and open heart and open soul to what you will find. It is not helpful to be stuck in the past. Every place will have good aspects, and you need to find them… and if you are comparing everything you will never be able to find joy where you are.

Don’t compare. It is simple. Enjoy the good things that every place has to offer, try your best to ignore the bad ones. Remember with kindness about the places you’ve been, but don’t let it become an issue in the present. Keep your heart open to new adventures, and focus on the good things of each place!




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