Hello! I left my country just after turning 21, and I’ve never looked back. So far, I’ve lived in multiple corners of the world, and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Most of my destinations are opportunities related to my career–what does it mean? I don’t really pick where I am going next, so flexibility and sense of humor are crucial to face the challenges on the way. It is not always easy, but it has always been rewarding. What have I learned so far? There is always something good anywhere you are, it is just up to you to find it!

Being a foreigner everywhere, and living out of suitcases has a unique charm. And several challenges. So I created this blog to share a little bit of my living abroad adventures, and consequently my travels. Throughout my professional experiences I have lived in the Middle East, United States, Southeast Asia, and now I am in South America. I work with humanitarian assistance, and human rights (mostly related to migration).

I am currently living in Ecuador working with a Non-Profit engaged in provide quality health care for underrepresented communities throughout the country. This is a new challenge for me, and a slight change in career path! I will be doing an expansion and working in community development in the coast of the country! A new country to make my own, and discover its beauties.

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