The 3-month period

If you have ever attended any culture shock/ live abroad orientation you’ve heard about the “3-month period” or  "the U curve." This is the time when the honeymoon is over, and you become hostile to the new environment. What was fun before, is now painful, and it almost feels unbearable. That’s when people question their decision…Read more The 3-month period

Ecuador: beauties and cultural shock

Today it’s been two months since I moved to Ecuador and I have to say it’s been a pleasant surprise. The people are incredibly warm and nice, and everywhere there are beautiful things to be seen. So far I’ve been to the south, east and the center of Ecuador, and I am living in the…Read more Ecuador: beauties and cultural shock

Working inside the Ecuadorian Amazon

I just spend the past two weeks on the Ecuadorian amazon organizing medical brigades. I have to say it’s been an incredible adventure. From staying in wood cabins in the jungle, to seeing monkey wandering around the city’s main square. In the city of Tena you are surrounded by mountains and a forest, which gives…Read more Working inside the Ecuadorian Amazon