Ecuador: beauties and cultural shock

Today it’s been two months since I moved to Ecuador and I have to say it’s been a pleasant surprise. The people are incredibly warm and nice, and everywhere there are beautiful things to be seen. So far I’ve been to the south, east and the center of Ecuador, and I am living in the…Read more Ecuador: beauties and cultural shock

When you become a foreigner in your own country

I’ve recently received a message asking if I have ever felt like a “foreigner in my own country.” Yes I do, often… Honestly, I don’t think I will ever lose my roots. That’s where I come from, my first language, where the holidays make more sense, the place I know how to behave in every…Read more When you become a foreigner in your own country

Disconnect from your things

  This has been [very] hard for me. There is always a book you are attached to, a picture you bought in a village in Myanmar, the pretty dress you never wore… and you want to hang on to them-- after all they are part of your history. But, unfortunately, you will have to learn…Read more Disconnect from your things